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Welcome! This site is an attempt for me to translate Final Fantasy Type-0 to help English speakers who do not speak Japanese.

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About Final Fantasy Type Zero

(Source: Wikipedia)

Originally announced in May 2006 as a cellphone game under the title "Final Fantasy Agito XIII" in August 2008 the game’s platform was changed to the Playstation Portable. January 2011 saw further changes as the game was given its current title of Final Fantasy Type Zero.

The reason for the title change was said to be that the game has no connection to Final Fantasy XIII. This was paired along with a desire to start a new series with an emphasis on multiplay. However, the game still retains some of the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythos.

Japanese rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN was commissioned to write the game's theme song "ZERO" and according to director Hajime Tabata without this song, the game is not complete.

On August 11, 2011 a free trial version entitled "Final Fantasy Type-0 Summer Trial" became available for download. In this version players are able to obtain summer clothing for the main characters which will be transferable to the commercial version of the game.

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